Allston Crime Rates Mostly Petty Theft and Simple Battery

Alston MA on May 3rd.


Boston University, like all national campuses, is required to report its crime statistics for the benefit of their students. That means that up to 2015, you can find every statistic for Boston University. Many students spend an inordinate amount off campus, especially if they move into off campus housing after their freshman year. How do Allston and Brighton, Boston University’s most notorious student slum, measure up to on campus safety standards? This reporter look at Allston Police crime data from 2015 to the present to determine the most significant contributor to crime in Allston.

An enormous amount of police reports are filed about car related incidents: with 795 reports being of a towed vehicle, and another 786 being of a accident with only property damage.

The next two most frequent reports are also innocuous with responses to sick people coming in third and fourth with 635 and investigate person at 674.

It isn’t until fifth that you get to the crimes you would expect in a student slum: petty assault, vandalism and theft. Vandalism has the fifth most reports with 560 total, followed by larceny theft from building with 452 and simple battery at 425.

Martin, a Allston resident attending BU, said, “I think I feel safe.”

“Sometimes the BU Alert scares me, when they say someone with a gun is around Allston.”

Martin’s biggest fear was robbery, which makes sense, given it is one of the higher reported crimes in Allston.

Still, Martin didn’t know anyone who has been robbed, and he’d never been robbed himself.

Though Allston is usually considered rather dangerous by the standards of Boston University students, the amount of simple crimes you would expect simply aren’t there. All in all, Allston seems safer than we’ve been giving it credit for.


Boston Remains Restrained as Boston University Rallies

Marsh Plaza at Boston University was in an uproar on Wednesday around noon, with students protesting the Trump administration.

Just across the freeway though, many Boston denizens were much less concerned with the President’s first month in office, more specifically his alleged ties to Russia that have been coming out over the last few weeks.

Some, like Daphne and Jake, were concerned, if notably less than the protesting students.

Others were much more reserved.

Scott, a local investment manager, said that he wasn’t really concerned with the President’s political ties to Russia.

Madison, a Freshman Graduate Student of Opera at Boston Conservatory, went even further, saying that she didn’t often concern herself with national politics.

The recent allegations have been inviting a lot of comparisons to the famous Watergate scandal in which Former President Richard Nixon was ousted after significant criminal evident compiled against him. Andy, also an Organizer, didn’t think this is a fair comparison.

The outrage is palpable on many campuses around the United States as students join in protests against the administration as frustrations grow. Still, at least here in Boston, the opinion of the greater population is still not quite ready to condemn him to the same extent.

Yet, national Gallup Poll still has Trump’s approval rating fluctuating between 40 and 50, and according to some polls he has had the lowest approved of start in the history of the presidency. This suggests that while many people aren’t ready to condemn him out of hand, even the citizens off campus are beginning to become disgruntled.